About Me

My name is Emir and I work a full-time job as a network engineer and do CPA marketing along with eBay/Amazon sales as a side job. As stated on the homepage, I created this site for the sole purpose of a real, honest Fresh Store Builder review letting others know how I got burned by Carey Baird and his garbage FSB product. If Carey and Barbara House had done the right thing and treated me like a respected customer and refunded me when I asked for it (numerous times), then this review site would not have been done. Instead, Carey and Barbara chose to treat me like a sucker, obviously thinking that if they continued to ignore me and ban me from their forums and groups, then I would go away.

My misfortune has become your good fortune.

I encourage all visitors to this site to read about my and others’ experiences with Fresh Store Builder and make up your own mind if you really want to buy this software. I can’t make the decision for you, but hopefully there’s enough information here to make that decision a no-brainer! 😉