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If you think I’m the only one that’s been jaded by Fresh Store Builder and the people behind it (Carey Baird and Barbara House), then think again.

Here are some REAL reviews and REAL comments by REAL users of FSB.

Does Fresh Store Builder Live Up to its Name
You don’t need a crappy piece of software like Fresh Store Builder when you can use a free website builder like WordPress, and dedicate just a bit of time to learning the basics of affiliate marketing. Instead of making pennies, you’ll be making a full time income.
-Nathaniell, Owner of One More Cup of Coffee

…pity I did not read your review before I wasted my money. I started to use FSB, but was so disillusioned with the general quality, I ended up doing nothing with the product and instead, made the intelligent decision to do nothing and didn’t even ask for a refund!
-Alan Turner, Owner of Alan-Turner.net

I was shocked when in less then a month of running the Fresh Store Builder, Google contacted me about Adsense violations this software created… Do not get rooked into the many, many, bogus affiliate garbage out there… You do not need to waste your money on all this hyped up infomercial nonsense.
-Michael Anthony, Owner of Amazonaffiliatewebsite.com

Fresh Store Builder 4.0 Review 2014
CareyBaird as he is known on the forum, with his WSO of the day wants you to buy into another software package that operates much like a WordPress type plugin for that dashboard feel… Fresh Store Builder 4.0 Review 2014 shows you that these types of programs will always exist right on the edge of ScamDom; they will always craft somewhat slick little sales campaigns with all the great “Buzz” (Conversion) words and catchy little graphics.
-Gary Haze, Owner of WhyAintYaRichYet.com

Tried to get their software to work, could not. Asked for money back, got nothing. Crooks in my opinion.
-Dwight McCarthy, via RatedByTony.com

When I see a review like this giving any sort of thumbs up to a known scam program and scammer like Carey Baird, it really makes me wonder about the author.
-A reader’s response to Tony Balthazar’s glowing “review” (obviously written to earn affiliate commissions) of Fresh Store Builder.

Fresh Store Builder 7 Review
Let’s cut right to the chase, I DO NOT recommend Fresh Store Builder. Based on all the hype, I purchased this product myself and gave it a go. It wasn’t long before I discovered that the only people making money on this product are the ones selling it because it had too many bugs and support was sub-par.

“The best advice I can give you on this product, if you read no further, GET A REFUND!
-Justin, Owner of JustinsBlog.com

I just purchased the Fresh Store Builder last week and have encountered nothing but problems since trying to configure it. I have been a web dev for 14 years and generally work on corporate BI projects, but I saw this and thought I could get it up in a few hours so figured what the heck.

—-NOTHING BUT ISSUES SO FAR. The script hasn’t worked for me in most functional areas and I have needed help desk support on every major configuration. My help replys have been one line responses to check existing documentation. Including the ION Cube files in the script would have saved me 6 hours of phone work with my hosting provider.

Licensing is spread out across multiple websites that are not integrated. The license key I was given for my wordpress plugin is Invalid (screenshot attached)

There is no Master Document that gives you a walkthrough of the setup with common issues and fixes. A master setup document is very important and something my team provides with every single product we deploy.

At this point – I still cannot add products and have been waiting several days for help from helpdesk. I’m following directions, see the button change from Green to a grey checkbox but no product information is imported to my store. I have tallied a list of 11 issues I’ve encountered with setup and install and again, still do not have a single product available on my site.

I am considering a refund but the paltry $100 isn’t enough to justify the work I’ve done on this so far. I just wanted to post and see if anyone else is experiencing the same. I read in SEVERAL websites outside of Warrior that the owner of this product is on the Warrior Admin team and that they delete the comments that aren’t favorable. I hope this isn’t the case as I have come here often in the past looking for honest assessments.
-Ben Garner, from the Warrior Forum
(and in case the Warrior Forum deletes it, here’s a screenshot to prove it existed)

6 thoughts on “What Others Are Saying

  1. MIke Anthony


    I am so glad you have made this website to help educate the real users out there. This is the same reason I made my video review about the product. I cannot tell you how many times I have been contacted by Carey baird to remove the video I made. It is the god honest truth that all the glowing reviews you read about the fresh store builder are all by marketers trying to earn commissions. My main complaint was when I had the site up and running, Google flagged my adsense account for this site. I have many sites running without issues and this one was up for a month with FSB installed. I do say it is a nice package that lays out a website with some products you can pull in. But you do not get ranked, in fact you get flagged! Keep spreading the word and thanks again.

    Mike Anthony

    1. Hmmm

      Very strange decision to build amazon store in order to place adsense ads. Even for funny is to see wp zon builder advertised as better than FSB (which I’ve got today, and made numerous sites run).

      Yep, it’s more complicated to understand FSB than to install wp from cpanel and upload some plugin with no design (or even worse, looking like made in fiver for $5 🙂 Even interesting, if I would really get amazon baccount banned for that, like some reviewer mentioned about her/his experience.

  2. Thom Haines

    Thanks for this website and I want to share my experience for anyone reading to never ever trust Fresh Store Builder. Carey Baird has designed his software that gives him the full authority to disable your store license and then all Amazon sale commissions that your store generates go to him!!! I followed the instructions exactly for setting up my store which involves adding your domain name to your fresh store builder admin account (which Carey Baird and his cohorts have 100% unrestricted access to). Then I installed the software on my server and did some tests to make sure my personal Amazon Associate ID-tag was being transferred to Amazon during the checkout process. I tested this many times over several days and it worked every time which proves that I installed the software correctly. Over one month later my Amazon account indicated I didn’t generate any sales from my FSB store, but my phpZon store was getting sales so I did some testing only to see that my FSB store was now sending the ID-tag “fa20-20” which belongs to Carey Baird which means he got paid any commissions it may have generated!!! When I opened a support ticket Nihad Mustific blamed me for this problem and said it was because I installed the software wrong and didn’t add my domain to the licensing system even though my user account proved that I added my domain to my customer account almost a full two days before installing their scammy software on my server. Then he snoops into my customer account and says the date on the license is wrong and closes the ticket to further replies!!! HOW CAN THE DATE BE WRONG WHEN IT WAS THEIR WEB SERVER THAT CREATES THE LICENSE??? HOW CAN THIS GUY POSSIBLY BLAME ME FOR IT??? THE LICENSE GETS CREATED ON THEIR END, NOT MINE!!! I have been finding more stories about people having experiences similar to this. Please keep Fresh Store Builder Review alive. People need to know the truth about this garbage software. If I knew the truth about it I never would have bought it. And if they have the power to change my affiliate tag then they are definitely changing affiliate tags for all their customers and earning free Amazon commissions off the hard work of their customers. This is a scam product by scammers and it really is true, they blame the customer when anything goes wrong. SCAMMERS!

    1. Emir Hayric Post author

      Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to post your experience Thom! Yes Tom the whole FSB gang is a bunch of crooks.

      I need to keep receiving feedback and posts to this site to keep it ranked on page #1 of Google. HELP US OUT AND SPREAD THE WORD!

  3. Gary

    Thanks so much for doing this post and I am very sorry you were scammed by Carey Baird!
    I have spent many years online and I too got scammed by many, which is what prompted me to try and spare others the financial pain.

    FSB has all the makings of another money making opportunity for the owners, while members fall by the way side.
    Emir, I do hope you have found your way to a more legitimate way to learn Internet Marketing, like my #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate.
    There at WA is the only place I have found online to really learn what I was after, without all the expensive upsells.
    Thanks again for your post, my best to your success,

  4. Rich

    Cheers for the tip off – thought it looked a clever bit of software for the price that might work well with some Facebook pages I have but it appears that this Fresh Store Builder (v7) isn’t up to much. I often google ‘such and such reviews’ before buying and have never come across a stronger argument not to buy a product.

    Thanks again!


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