My name is Emir and I created this website for one simple reason only. I want to warn others who are thinking about flushing their money down the toilet by purchasing Fresh Store Builder. This is a REAL review; not one of those bullshit sites where they only want you to purchase through their bogus “review” page so they make an affiliate commission!

fresh store builder review
Carey tried to silence me. It didn’t work.

Dear Potential Fresh Store Builder Customer,

First and foremost let me start off by saying…

Fresh Store Builder Sucks


After seeing this product created by Carey Baird several times in the past I finally decided to give it a try. Wow, what a mistake! About the only thing that was easy was downloading the product. After that, the issues started popping up one after another, but we will get to that in a minute.

This product has a very flashy, well-put-together sales page that Carey probably paid a good deal to have created. This was most likely done by Barbara House who is one of his developers and also a helpdesk “technician” (stay tuned I will have more on this deadbeat in a minute). Fresh Store Builder is advertised as “Easy, profitable, automated and hassle free Amazon stores” – what a joke.

Fortunately for me I have an IT degree and work in the IT field so I am pretty tech-savvy, however if you are someone with little technical ability you will be in for one hell of a ride. The forum and Facebook group are littered with people having issues with their Amazon API keys and registering these with Fresh Store Builder.

The so called “guides” are very thin, stale and completely outdated because they were made for FSB versions 2 and 3. Many links provided in these guides are wrong (the webpages that they link to no longer exist) and so is the information that is given. The knowledge base that they will refer you to (just to get rid of you) are useless and have very little content in them. Make no mistake my friend, you WILL have to open helpdesk tickets which brings me to my next subject…

This is what you are greeted with when logging into the Fresh Store Builder dashboard. “Since 2010 my team and I have helped thousands of members like you create a great income online…” I very much doubt that Carey. The response times on tickets vary but it usually ALWAYS takes at least 24 hours and possibly 48 hours which is very frustrating when you run into one issue after another. Inside the lame FB group they blame this on the release of the new update, but after nearly 5 years shouldn’t have all the problems been sorted out, Carey??

The Knowledgebase – Pretty much useless except for the most very common questions.

The Private Forum – Is NOT the actual private forum. This link takes you to the general forum which does not have a lot of activity. You must pay to receive access to the actual private forum.

The Facebook Mastermind Group – The BLIND leading the BLIND pretty much sums up the FB group and Carey names it “Mastermind” to deceive you. If you get angry about Fresh Store Builder and start posting your complaints on the group page they will kick you out. They don’t like a squeaky wheel and this is exactly what they did to me – the page admins are a bunch of bums.

Helpdesk – Don’t waste your time with the above mentioned options and go straight for the helpdesk. The sooner you get your ticket in the sooner you will (hopefully) get a helpful response since response time is not fast. The tickets I opened were either responded to by someone named Nihad Mustific who did nothing to help me, or Barbara House who has a real chip on her shoulder. They do offer a live chat but it is ALWAYS offline because they don’t want to pay the extra money to outsource it.


I was blown away at the number of upsells they try to pull you into as were others in the FB group…

Automated Set Up – Of course taking advantage of the less technically savvy people in the group, Fresh Store Builder will offer to set everything up for you. Even if you take this route you will still have to handle creating your Amazon account and hunting all over the place for your API key.

Fresh Hosting – You will require your own domain and hosting for the software to work. I did not use this because I know how to purchase and configure my own domain, however after the terrible service I received from Barbara House and Carey Baird there is no way in hell I would trust this hosting. I am quite sure they just purchase from another hosting provider who also sets it all up for them – basically you are paying FSB to be the middle man! Do yourself a favor and purchase a domain and hosting with a legit provider like Godaddy or Hostgator. Both have incredible service and you will receive replies to your helpdesk tickets in hours… not 1 or 2 days like FSB!

Premium Membership – If you want ticket support in 24 hours or less you have to pay extra. I got the feeling that the support desk is not really fully staffed and only an illusion. I highly doubt you will always get a response within 24 hours especially if it is a more complex problem with the software. If you pay for premium you also get early access to new FSB versions, are your kidding me dude? Just another way to squeeze the last pennies out of the frustrated hopeless customer who needs a new version because the one they are using has issues.

Fresh SEO Enigma – After all the claims of a quick up and running Amazon store that is perfectly SEO optimized your gonna try and sell us a crumby “get traffic” CPA product Carey? What a dick. This is so unprofessional and has no place inside of the Fresh Store builder dashboard. The minute I saw this my high hopes were dropped down a few notches. How about you offer support or a legit forum with mods helping people to get more traffic? Oh wait you have to pay extra for that (see above) and I have my doubts about how good the “private” forum really is.

Themes and Addons – So if you don’t want the same generic store with the exact same SEO setup as all the other stores? Then get ready to shell out another $50 my friend. I decided to purchase the Medica template which is designed by Ramos Themes (billed by FSB though in PayPal). It definitely looked better than the stale template that is included with Fresh Store Builder, but I started running into issues and had to open tickets.

Barbara House responded by saying I will need to contact the developer and open a ticket with them. Great! That took another 24 hours and then I found out that the template I bought was designed for the old version of FSB! WTF? When purchasing the template it clearly says that all templates are fully tested before being released. What a bunch of bull shit! Barbara told me a new version would be released, but after asking the developer three times when to expect a new version with no response the answer was obvious – NOT ANYTIME SOON.

UPDATE: The developer (John) of Ramos Themes contacted me and left a comment below that all of you can read. In a nutshell, Carey Baird and Barbara House STOLE his theme from his Fresh Store Builder marketplace account, then locked him out of it so now they get to sell and profit from his rightful intellectual property! But seriously, don’t take my word for it. Read what he had to say and after you’ve read that, read what he had to say on another blog that once praised FSB, but has since reduced their opinion about carey and see that I’m not the only one labeling Carey and Barbara and the FSB staff as a “bunch of thieves”!

From this point on, every issue I had with FSB was immediately deflected by Barbara House as being a problem with the template. They really do treat you like you are stupid. Even after proving I had issues before changing templates my concerns were ignored. It was around this time that the thought of a Fresh Store Builder review was going to be in order so others could be warned.



Fresh Store Builder CANNOT add all products from Amazon. I came across countless products that I thought would be perfect for my store only to find out FSB cannot and will not import them. When I opened a ticket with the helpdesk it was blamed on the Amazon API and that was it. Now I can fully understand a limitation caused by an API that you do not control but guess what? That’s not my damn problem! I paid for a product that can import all products from Amazon not just some. Here is the 100% uncut back-and-forth e-mails with Barbara who got real shitty when I put her on the spot about the script not always working, this is what led to me asking for a refund (please note that the text in red are only my thoughts and not part of the conversation). Barbara has a real reputation among FSB users unfortunate enough to have to deal with her of often being condescending with a real passive aggressive attitude.

Hi Emir,
As Nihad explained, this is in the Amazon Product API and has nothing to do with the FSB script. We can only work with what is provided in the API, and unfortunately that is not identical to what is available when you look at Amazon directly. There are many discussions about this up on the forums, so I’m going to again urge you to start using the forums to find answers to your questions. Closing this ticket as there is nothing to be resolved.
Barbara House

How the hell does it have nothing to do with the script??? You CLEARLY designed a script that cannot fully utilize the Amazon API you idiot. See how she starts getting an attitude about using the forum? The forum sucks, everytime I go in I see the exact same posts at the top as the day before because there is very little activity. They also do not have a forum dedicated to just FSB issues… kinda odd and convenient huh?

[My response…]
So what you are saying is that the script does not always work?

[Barbara’s response…]
No Emir, that is not what I said.

The Amazon Product Advertising API is provided by Amazon. We utilize the API. We are not allowed to change the api, and Amazon decides what information is available in the API. If you have an actually issue, I’ll be happy to support you. However I have given you the information you required. Attempting to turn this into a failure in our script is a.) wrong and b.) unprofessional.

Closing ticket.
Best regards,
Barbara House

So now all of a sudden I am unprofessional because I think her answer is total crap and I am not afraid to say it! This is also around the time I found out I was KICKED OUT of the Fresh Store Builder Facebook group.

No wonder the forum has no real negative posts, because Carey has the mods delete them all haha, what a joke.

** In case you think I am making this up here is a snippet of the e-mail conversation **
This is the email confirmation I received from Barbara telling me I would receive a FULL refund for Fresh Store Builder as well as the template within 48 hours. Did I get the refund? If you answered “NO” then you are correct my friend! You can see my reply at the bottom which of course went unanswered.


After finding the product thread and posting about how my refund was being ignored I found that my comment was deleted. I posted again and that comment was ALSO deleted! I was PM’d by a forum mod asking for proof that I purchased the product and even after providing the proof, Carey was STILL allowed to delete my comments! Of course my follow up replies to the mod were ignored and his forum name is LouiGeeinMD. Carey also sent me a PM claiming I was blackmailing him which is obviously bull shit because if it was truly blackmail I would have threatened him with leaving negative feedback which I had already done! What a clown. This would lead anyone with half a brain to assume that Carey has the forum mods in his pocket. This would ALSO explain why the product really has no negative feedback – because he has the mods just wipe it away for him! Stay away from Fresh Store Builder people, they are crooks and don’t give a shit about you or helping you make a profit from your store.

As before here is the proof of my comments along with the e-mail from Carey. I have also included the link to the thread where you can verify yourself the comments are now gone! He will probably close the thread once he finds this review that you’re reading, but I already have the proof below.

FSB Warrior Forum Thread
Need more proof? He is a comment from another WF member who I do not know but seemed to agree with my review 100% after reading it…

Couldn’t agree more. Everything discussed in that review site I have personally experienced. The forums are DEAD and as soon as you post messages of frustration or criticism (EVEN CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM) they delete your posts or in the case of me ban you from the secret forums that you paid to have access to. Barbara House (aka bghouse) is a condescending cyber bully that A) tries to make you look like a moron or B) blames you or your hosting or the API when the software doesn’t work. As far as this woman is concerned, every thing is your fault and a result of your ignorance and incompetence. The “help desk” answers tickets whenever they feel like it and it’s completely normal to wait 24, 48, 72 hours or even 5 days for a response and that’s during the work week, not weekends! I could go on, but why bother. Until the people at fresh store builder get their attitudes adjusted (or perhaps fire bghouse and nihad) and carey stop taking vacations and actually take an active role in the day to day activities of running his company and taking care of customers, I won’t recommend this product. Here’s a hint at what they do to their customers. FSB v5 was released Oct 13 so if you bought it on or after that day, then you get access to it. But if you’re an existing customer which is supposed to include free lifetime updates, then you have to pay a ransom to upgrade your account to “premium” to get v5 or continue to wait for it. That was almost SIX WEEKS AGO and the existing FSB users still don’t get access to v5 unless we pay to upgrade to a premium account! THOSE ARE THE KINDS OF PEOPLE BEHIND FRESH STORE BUILDER!!!

Here’s the permalink to that comment and in case the Warrior Forum moderators delete it, here’s visual proof that it once existed…

A $20 administration fee for opening a PayPal case after you lied to me about a refund?
Are you kidding me?!?!

And if you think my story here is an isolated incident, I can assure you that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Here is a PM that a Warrior Forum member sent me about how Carey Baird pulled out all the stops to rip him off too.


Hopefully after reading this review you will now know that Carey Baird is a total crook and his sole purpose is to nickel and dime his Fresh Store Builder customers! He talks a good talk, but he does not care about you and he does not care about your success and the same can be said about his two employees Nihad Mustific and Barbara House (bghouse). These people will take your money, then provide you with a clunky piece of software and when you try to get help using it (which I guarantee you are going to need), they will blame you, your host, your server, your template, the Amazon API, and anything else they can conjure up to deny issuing you a refund. If you still want to buy Fresh Store Builder, consider yourself warned. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

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  1. John

    Hello Emir,

    I remember helping you on some theme issues. I thought I answered pretty quickly? Anyway, until recently I thought these were good guys but I’ve found out they’re just a bunch of thieves out for themselves – actually I remember you saying something similar a while ago.

    I wanted to remove my templates from Fresh Web Market for a number of reasons, as a freelancer I’ve got many commitments and simply couldn’t meet the demands of the upgrades, I’m sure many people have their own opinion on this but on any other market place, theme forest or creative market for example it’s entirely down to the developer to decide on when or if they decide to update their product. If my product works for version X then it works with version X until I DECIDE to update it to version Y then it’s down to the customer whether they want to use the template on an older version, simple. Just like any developer will tell you. I provide the product and tech support THATS IT! But they don’t understand this.

    I understand their sales pages aren’t accurate with version compatibility but I have no control over that side of it, to be honest I never checked because it was Barbara’s responsibility.

    So because I couldn’t keep up with their update schedule I decided to pull them from the marketplace and right from the get go Carey was uncooperative even though it states on the ‘become an author’ page that the author has full rights over the product (WHICH GOES WITHOUT SAYING). He once suggested I should hand over my products to them so they can take over them…yeah okay mate keep dreaming.

    Next thing I know they’ve changed the author bio on the sales page to their own name, so they’re fucking well claiming my product as their own and ignoring my request to remove it. If anybody knows how illegal this is it’s Carey, it’s blatant THEFT.. I’ve issued a DMCA take down with proof of ownership so they won’t get away with it.

    He’s lucky he doesn’t live around the corner because I’d be paying him a visit the smart ass.

    1. Emir Hayric Post author

      Thank you for your reply John I wish you the best of luck in your DMCA case and I truly hope this bum gets what’s coming to him.

      As long as their are sheep out there he will continue to make money.

  2. wuted

    Hey, my boss has purchased their web hosting service and also the fresh store builder package last month. I have moved like 40 sites from godaddy to fresh hosting service, setting up 40 stores …etc. I just found out that their web hosting service is very very slow, 80% of the time site is not up and and response time is very slow . ( Takes like 20 seconds to load a page, this is unacceptable).

    I took some deeper look and found out something is wrong with the RAM/SWAP usage, sent a ticket to them and got a response that is completely useless and unprofessional, maybe they are good enough to come up with some bullshit solutions for non-technical background people, but I am a forth year computer engineering student and I can just tell that their technical manager is not even technical at all.

    He is telling me that my stores might have a lot of products and some traffics so amazon API will keep pulling and update data, that causes the slow responding speed of my websites, and suggesting me to change some store parameters for amazon API. First of all all of my stores have like 10~15 products, some stores might have up to 50. Second, there are like no traffic at all for all my amazon sites/stores. At this point I pretty much figured out what is the problem and I know how to solve it, all I need to do is to log into WHM and monitor the memory usage under my cPanel account, and i can just find out which scripts on my server is using all the resources and take a deeper look at the scripts. But I dont have access to the WHM since this is a shared hosting service not VPS, so I sent a second ticket, telling them the solution they offered did not work, and suggested they to try my solution…… and I did not get a response after like 3 days. They probably dont even get what I am saying and decide to ignore me.

    So I told my boss about this issue and he sent them a ticket regarding to the slow hosting service. He got the same response from the same ” technical manager”. suggesting him to remove some product, since he has 30 stores and if they are getting traffic amazon api going to pull data …blah blah blah. So my boss was kinda mad at this point and sent them another ticket, this time, the site owner, Carey Baird, shows up and respond my boss. Same old bullshit, blaming everything on AMAZON API, too many stores, too many products, traffics …etc.

    It seems like they just keep repeating the same thing, blaming amazon, and their technical staffs are not even technical at all…

    My boss wants to move all his sites from godaddy to FSB because he feels like godaddy’s hosting service is slow ( sometimes 1~2 second delay for loading websites), however, FSB’s hosting service is even slower ( 10-15 second delay for loading pages), and FSB hosting service is like 80$/month, normally web hosting is around 15~20$/ month. So FSB’s produce is actually over priced and cant even do basic stuffs properly.

    Seriously If their web hosting service cant even handle a few blogs/stores, why are they making all the claims about fast hosting service, friendly support team …etc. They are offering what they are not capable to manage, their supports are very Unprofessional and Rude, I bet their whole team probably only have like 4 people, this whole thing is just a disappointment, and I have wasted like 1 month on this piece of crap.

    So all I want to say is that If anyone wants to try their products, please dont, try something else.

  3. Christopher Sciullo

    Running into issue with this guy as well. I was suckered in by all the hype and signed up a got approved as a JV Affilliate for this product. Recommended it to a friend in Scotland and had a local customer interested as well. The guy in Scotland bought it from me. Now my JV Commission is being refused since Carey claims that me and the guy in Scotland are the same person! You can visit each of us on SKYPE Me: christopher.sciullo and my Buddy: craigmcintoshuk

    Don’t know if I Feel Anger or Pity for this Carey guy. I have been on the losing end of software development before. Nobody wants to put a “Bullet in the Head” of a product you have been working on for years but sometimes it is necessary…. Carey time to put Fresh Store Builder to rest and move on.

  4. Mike

    Emir, thank very much for your honest review, I totally agree with you and also suggest others that are looking to make money with this product “fresh store builder” The best I can say is stay away and don’t wast your time or your money on FRESH STORE BUILDER find something else instead.
    Today is January 9th, 2016 and I purchased this product a couple of days ago and the first problem I found was the API- Key from Amazon, is not working at all.
    I contacted support via opening a ticket not only took a long time almost 19 hours for their response but when they finally responded they just sent me a link to the most common questions and instructions that they have to just get rid of you. I have read and follow every step and still don’t work I have already spent a lot time trying to figure this out myself, but I don’t feel like wasting any more time with this crappy software. I am going to ask for a refund. Hopefully I get it when I ask for it. I am so glad I found this review. I been searching for reviews and after reading other reviews this is the most honest I have found. Others they just talk good about the product because they also have their link on their review so they can sell it to you. Don’t fall into that trap. Stay away.

  5. Carlos

    Thanks a whole lot for your detailed review about this new Fresh Build Store and to stay away from it. This truly helps those people considering buying a crappy product like that to save their money plus all the great deal of time wasted.

  6. Joe

    Yes, believe what you read here, folks. Carey and friends are all scammers. I was also a victim. They promote their products through naive affiliates looking to make a buck and many fake “Review” websites where they promote FSB as the next best thing to sliced bread. You can sign up as an affiliate through another scam site… JVZoo, where one can sign up to be an affiliate of FSB and other non-worthy products. Carey and friends pretend to be internet marketing “experts”, but the only thing they seem to be good at is ripping people off. Their software totally sucks. When I attempted to used it I wasn’t even able to log on. It took four emails and three days before someone finally responded. The advice they gave me was totally useless. Since I obviously couldn’t use it I asked for a refund. All of a sudden I was invisible to them. I had to contact Paypal twice to get them to act. They assured Paypal they would give me an immediate refund, however it took several more emails asking me to try different things (all of which failed) before they would do it. Granted, after a few weeks they did refund my money, but now I’m being bombarded with spam mail from them trying to sell me more of their junk. Don’t be a sucker. Stay away from Carey Baird and Associates and the Fresh Store Builder.

  7. Lenny

    Got an email from JVzoo with an offer for Fresh Store Builder. Never heard about it before but went to the sales page anyway and was impressed with all the things this software can do. There was also a Facebook list of people saying how much they liked it so I investigated further. I’ve been doing IM long enough that I never solely trust the marketing pages for a product and mostly rely on search engines for product reviews. Your blog was at the top. What a stark contrast to the Fresh Store Builder sales page! I will not be buying their product so on behalf of myself and my wallet, THANK YOU!

  8. Claude Corry

    First thing I want to say is no one here has mentioned reporting this to AMAZON so has anyone done that? Amazon should be tracking all our link to our sites so they would be able to tell you if they were linking to another source wouldn’t they?

    I am really worried now because I have spent months of time setting up and tweaking my Fresh Store site and when I have had problem and open a support ticket they have generally replied with something totally different to what I asked them. This happened a few times so on one occasion I got angry with them and called them idiots because they were constantly ignoring my questions and after waiting 2 days for an answer that can really piss you off and it looks like that’s what they want. They want for you to get pissed off so they can have a reason to oust you.

    The other day I posted on the group page because in my admin it was showing these huge spikes in traffic which I was expecting. I’m talking around 900 clicks were showing in one week on the graph yet not one single commission from Amazon. I have recently optimized my sites SEO with back linking campaigns and other link indexing campaigns so I am expecting google traffic which is search engine traffic and generally buying traffic. So I don’t understand why I have not got even ONE single commission from this traffic. Also the post in the group is not there anymore. They deleted it. One guy commented on it and said its probably ROBOTS which seems a bit SUS to me and that’s a lot of ROBOTS ALL OF A SUDDEN.

    Don’t know what to do now 🙁

  9. Mike

    FSB is utter garbage, since moving many of my sites from WP to FSB I noticed a steep decline in clicks and sales, so now am in the process of moving them back to WP. Also I would like to point out that FSB insists you have all your stores registered within your account or your sites will not perform, this is utter BS, the sites work fine if you dont add them you just get warnings that your sites need attention.I can only assume that they want your sites listed so they can look into your site admin and possibly change things around to make them commissions at your expense. I randomly checked to see if my amazon id was still intact and it was ok but I still dont trust the thieves and they should be reported to amazon. So I am annoyed that I fell for this BS and lesson learned and for any outsiders reading this, go find a good WP theme or plugin, they work far better and are much more optimised for sales..rant over

    1. Emir Hayric

      WOW, there are several damning comments about Carey in that forum. Here’s the direct link to Danny1111’s post, but anyone clicking over there should take some time to read more than just his comment.

      Carey Baird is a thief / liar and scammer

      If you go to What Others Are Saying and scroll down to a comment by Thom Haines it pretty much says the same thing. Carey has engineered his software in a way that he can change the Amazon affiliate ID to his own and then he gets all of your commissions. What a great guy!

  10. Dave

    Having to move all my sites back to wordpress, i actually had sales with wordpress but since moving to FSB I have none in 3 months from this garbage software

    1. Emir Hayric

      This has been the overall consensus with fresh store builder. Sadly, Carey has been using that same photograph whereby ONE lucky person happened to make $500 in ONE day only ONE time. If you read some of the comments people have posted here, you will see that many people stopped using fsb in favor of wordpress because, simply put, Fresh Store Builder is garbage being sold by a known huckster. I’d say “Good luck” with your move back to wordpress, but luck is not needed when you have legitimate software that works!

  11. James

    Based on Carey Baird’s profile pics, I would not buy anything from him. You can judge a book by it’s cover sometimes. Look at the pencil neck geek with his button up collar sticking straight up and that eat shit smile pasted on his face…couple it with the metro goatee and you may as well ‘Scarlet Letter’ him with a bright red rubber stamp saying SCAM right across his forehead.

    1. Emir Hayric

      HAHA! Yeah we’ve all seen his poseur selfies that he loves to take with his $h!t-eating smirk. Your scarlet letter idea is great! 🙂

      Carey Baird Scarlet Letter SCAM

  12. MisterNo


    I personally have FSB premium but never actually used it so dont know what are issues.
    I remember testing it on one site but nothing serious.

    Every product has its haters and people who love it. But I admit FSB does have some sketchy acts.
    Also finding bad review is really hard which definitely shows authors are doing everything to hide bad reviews which means they have to hide something.

    Just wanted to say keep updating this so people have two sides and can decide if this product is really worth the purchase.

    I would also recommend adding some free social sharing plugin so that word spreads even more.


    1. Emir Hayric

      I intend to keep updating and share every comment that comes in. The support I’ve received from others that were screwed over by Carey as well as others that didn’t get screwed over (because they read my blog first) has been tremendous. I’ve also begun sharing fake fresh store builder reviews that were written by people closely associated with Carey in an effort to make the honest review sites such as this one disappear. If you come across any more fake reviews, please share them and I will update this site accordingly.

      I’ll get the social stuff working in the next week or so. Thanks for the suggestion.

  13. Mike

    I infiltrated their FB group some time ago and the BS in there is incredible. The majority of users don’t have a clue where to even install FSB. Most questions are fobbed off by Barbara and the real issues are frequently ignored. Every so often Carey will come up with a money spinner for him. The latest was a webinar from Alex Cass who supposedly makes around $500 a day in Amazon commissions and is a very successful Amazon affiliate. I googled him and he is a known software creator and scammer selling useless worthless crap that doesn’t work, but Cairey doesn’t mind. It’s his job to get the sheep to the webinar and let Alex Cass work his scam to part people from their cash so he gets the commissions and people are falling for it. When the replay comes out I will post it here for your thoughts. Carey does this all the time. This latest offering is how to get traffic and sales… yeah right!!! But get this, he said at the beginning that Alex cass was using this method to get traffic and sales, yet it has not been launched yet!! And I haven’t watched the webinar yet and if I did want to buy it I would go directly to the site so he doesn’t get the commission. I would leave the group, but it’s good recreation at times to watch it. BTW, none of my sites are listed in my admin area and they work fine albeit with no sales and traffic and my affiliate ID is still intact.

  14. Mike

    Could this also be proof that CB is thieving

    Oleg Martinuk
    8 hrs

    Is it okay that I get many checkouts, around 100 and only 1 customer really buys product on amazon? So many checkouts but nobody buys on amazon after redirect seems very strange…
    Please help Carey Baird

  15. Mike

    Here is the money spinning webinar replay for scammer baird.

    The sheep are literally going Baaaa.

    And the price??? $497 a year supposedly discounted down from $597 as a special deal for the sheep. No one but me googled Alex Cass and his Nimbus shit which is selling normally for $497 to everyone so not a good deal after all is it Baird, you scamming twat!

    I saw a post by someone on their group informing them that the price of nimbus is normally $497 for everyone and they were lied to when baird and cass tell them it was discounted $100. Today the post was deleted as one would expect. How much commission did you make on that garbage software then Baird??

    Shame on you for telling everyone on your webinar they were getting an exclusive $100 discount. LIAR!

  16. amrahS jaR

    Great review! I was almost done in and luckily came across your honest review. Saved me the hassle of wasting time on a crap software before seeking refund. Would greatly appreciate if you could let us in on how you go about it with the Amazon Associate program yourself – plugins, api wrappers etc that you use.


    I’m the latest person to be blocked from the Fresh Store Bullshit groups because I got so fed up being jerked around by them and called them out for it! They kept deleting my posts because their shitty amazon affiliate software doesn’t work. This software has the worst support of anything I’ve ever used. Fresh? More like Farce! Any person that praises fresh store builder is either fucked in the head or they’re a lying jvzoo affiliate that’s desperate for a commission. That’s a fact! Carey Baird is a fucking scam artist. Barbara House is a fucking bitch. Nihad Mustific is a fucking retard. And Fresh Store Builder is fucking bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Emir Hayric Post author

      Thanks for stopping by good sir, I feel your pain and that’s why I created this site. You can rest assured that this site has done some SERIOUS damage to his brand name… spread the word!

    1. Emir Hayric Post author

      Thank you for the regular updates Mike. Yes it sounds as if NOTHING has changed except for the version number and some new excuses from Carey. Is he still reporting comments on the Warrior Forum to the mods? That pissed me off so much and was what eventually led to me starting this site. Little did I know it would become so visible. About a year and a half after my disputes with Carey he actually refunded me after telling me he never would. Coincidentally this was a couple days before the release of fsb7 so it’s obvious he wanted to score some points with me in hopes that I would take this site down so he could sell more copies of his scam software. Not happening pal!

  18. Rich H

    I was on that webinar with alex Cass. No idea how I ever got signed up to Carey baird’s mailing list but I decided to look into fresh store builder. Thought it was a WordPress plugin. It’s not. It’s a stand alone program that has to be installed into a separate directory from wordpress. That was a big turn off for me. Today I spent a good hour reading about your experience and the user comments posted on here and that is more than enough reason for me to not buy this program from Carey. All the comments on here and BlackhatWorld pretty much prove that guy is up to no good. I won’t be buying anything that has his name on it. I’ve never dealt with him, but I’ve now placed him in the same category as Tim Atkinson, Thomas Julian Miller (Tom Miller) and Anik Singal.

    Nice work!

    PS: I never buy stuff promoted through Warrior Forum. That place is a crook’s safe haven. The mods there removed many of my posts that were critical of certain products I bought for the sake of protecting the product creator and selling more of them so I told them to piss off and they banned me and I never went back and don’t miss it one bit.

    1. Emir Hayric Post author

      Thanks for stopping in Rich! Yes WF is very crooked and full of junk products repackaged and sold over and over again. Unfortunately in the world of online marketing selling hopes and promises has become the number one money maker as far as I can see.

  19. Peter Lee

    I initially thought you was just a hater but on inspecting the product further (I own a copy), I have to agree with you. I haven’t used it yet since buying, but now I never will. FSB is the worst product you could use for your Amazon site, stay away and use a WP theme. FSB has no protection against hackers, violates Amazons terms and all it does really is just pulls content. You’re better of building a WP site and writing content yourself.

  20. Jeff T.

    I’m getting screwed by these guys as we speak. The script most definitely does NOT work for all products.

    Is there a better alternative? What are other people using? Please don’t say “wordpress” because I’ve spent weeks scouring all the dozens and dozens of so-called theme sites but they all look like fashion designer websites, not simple, straight-up e-commerce stores. Also Shopify, 3dcart, WP Lister, etc no thanks.

    1. Dorian Jepsen

      “WordPress”. There I said it.

      I’m using WordPress with the Woozone Amazon Associates plugin (which is an amazing plugin) and Thesis theme with the ClipCart skin.

      Presently my store has over 1,000 categories and several thousand products. Fresh Store Builder is 100% incapable of this. The more categories you add to FSB, the slower it gets. I was running my FSB store on a high-powered dedicated server at a well-respected datacenter. It had about 150 categories. My wordpress sites were loading fine. My FSB site was taking anywhere from 30-60 seconds for every page to load! I spent a solid weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) working with my host to get this resolved and after doing some benchmarking, they got back to me and explicitly said, “You have a script called fresh store builder which is causing the problems…” In a nutshell they said this script doesn’t cache any database queries, the search queries are not optimized, and every time a page loads then all of these queries get run against the database again. Basically, it’s a poorly written amateur script (and I wouldn’t be shocked to learn if Carey paid some outsourced coders a few hundred dollars to write it). In fact, it was the tech support people that saw the site that I was using FSB to build and they told me it might be in my best interest to look into other options and suggested using wordpress with phpzon or prosociate mostly because they were familiar with wordpress and its ability for database and page caching. I was familiar with phpzon and prosociate so I wasn’t really interested in migrating FSB over to them.

      Anyway, I brought this to the attention of the fresh store builder technical non-support team in hopes that this information could be used to help them improve their product. Instead, they told me that I need to learn how to make proper affiliate website which should only have a few categories and a few products. That was the final straw for me so I went searching for alternative products to help build an amazon affiliate store. There was a plugin that could turn an OpenCart store into an amazon store, but I was thoroughly unimpressed with what I saw on their demo site. That plugin was ionCube encrypted so I asked the developer if he could give me 48-hour “time-bombed” copy of the plugin so I could test it out before buying. He refused. I asked him if purchases had a 30-day money back guarantee. He said all sales are final. Needless to say I did not buy anything from him and a little more searching is how I found the Woozone plugin. Give it a try. You’ll probably like it and it’s cheaper than FSB. It gets updated about every 3-4 months and I absolutely guarantee you will like it more than fresh store builder.

      1. Emir Hayric

        “Instead, they told me that I need to learn how to make proper affiliate website which should only have a few categories and a few products. ”

        That sounds like the usual lame, deflective response from FSB support. Even calling it support is a MASSIVE understatement! It sounds like Carey is just trying to create knockoff products by using crap coders he hires off of Fiverr or other freelance sites. I would not be surprised at all if this bum has reverse engineered other products and stripped out code from other products.

    2. Mike

      I use WP amazillionaire with 30 sites I think it costs less than $20 for unlimited sites, very easy to use and i make many sales from them…I keep looking at alternative themes and plugins to see if there is anything better, as yet I can find nothing better than amazillionaire. The ony downside is that when products are out of stock they are still listed but the listing says out of stock and you have to manually delete them, also there is no option to autopost which is a waste of time anyway

      1. Emir Hayric

        It sounds as if you found yourself a good alternative. Anything is probably better than Carey’s junky products and rude support staff!

  21. Eric

    Thank you so much for your review of this product ! I was just about to buy it, but from the information provided here and the comments from the other readers I just had to do more research and you are spot on ! Again thank you for keeping me from making a big mistake !

  22. Toni

    Hi Emir,
    I came across this site recently, as I too was waiting for FSB support. I too am not happy with FSB support, and I have written a “preliminary” review only because I want to see what happens if I do publish my store. If you’d like to read it, I am leaving my link to that post here. But, I wanted to also thank you for writing this. I will be checking up on this site again in the future, and I may even add more info regarding my experience. So, thanks again!

    1. Emir Hayric

      Hi Toni. Thank you for visiting the site and taking the time to leave a comments. Unfortunately I believe there are a LOT of others out there who have been scammed by Carey and have yet to find this site to leave there unbiased review.

  23. Joshua Warren

    I’ve read through all the comments in this thread, and I am glad I did. I’m new to the Amazon Affiliate marketing method and was about to purchase FSB (next week). No longer. However, is there another platform recommended for a relative newbie who has just a little tech-smarts? I have heard of something called, “Covert Store Builder.” Does anyone have any experience with that? If not, any other recommendations?

    Someone mentioned Woozone Plugin. Do I have to first set up a WP site and then add any plugins to it? Not sure how all that works. Thanks for any help.


    1. Dorian Jepsen

      1. Install WordPress (free)
      2. Install the Woocommerce plugin (free)
      3. Install the WooZone – WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plugin ($34)
      4. Don’t install Fresh Store Builder.
      5. If you ignore step 4, don’t say that you weren’t warned about 100 times!

  24. Kevin Grames

    Let me start by saying that I am a long time member of the Warrior Forum as well as WHT, NP and many other well known forums and do my research normally pretty well. I have to admit that I to was drawn in by what looked to be a solid product. The admin area of the FSB has a nice layout, but that is about it. Most of the features do not work as described. In fact the Amazon search feature is horrible. It brings up only one page of products to import and they are always the same no matter what keyword or phrase you choose. Asking for help from them is like pulling teeth. I purchased the reseller license and premium support (ummm yea nothing premium about it—dont buy it) Support would take days for a reply. Now mind you premium support is supposed to be 24/7 fast support…nothing fast of course. I did add a large number of products at a price. All of the products that I had added by hand and completely rewrote for SEO purposes were removed from their categories and no longer listed. They were still there, but now I had to identify each one and fix them so they would show up in their categories. Any good software would not have had this happen. Also there is no way to sort the listings either so I would know what ones were not actually listed. Over a hundred products were affected. What a nightmare. This was the final straw after many other bugs I found. Also a real treat was the lack of a usable and customizable menu bar. Oh you can buy points to vote towards its implementation or other features….just another way of getting more money.

    So after a couple of weeks of frustration I ask for a refund. Of course their refund policy says no refunds are allowed on the premium upgrade…hmmm…I would assume that is because they give a lot of refunds on the rest of the product. They have to get some money some way. So $47 gone. Don’t make that mistake everyone. Also it took over a week to obtain the refund of the $197 for the reseller program. It also took me several tickets to them with a promise to contact Paypal and review them on many sites to finally get them to answer my request and issue the refund.

    I would recommend that you stay as far away from this software as you can. You can spend your money elsewhere and accomplish much more without all the headaches. Buying FSB is as bad as flushing your money down the toilet or burning it. Of course I would have more fun burning it than I had trying to get this software to work.


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